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How to insert images in Plain Text Editor?

To insert images in Plain Text Editor, you must have URL of the image. In simple terms, the image you want to upload should be on the internet. If you know the URL, click on image upload option, enter URL and click “OK”. You can set the dimensions of the image also while uploading it.

How to edit any template?

First select the template which you want to edit, then if you want to change the image on it, click on the image and you get 2 options. First is Style, you can set Border thickness and radius with the help of it. Another option is media where you can replace the image with images in the library or you can upload an image from your PC.
For text, just click there and edit it as you want.

How to embed Form code in the website?

When you create or customize any form in MailZingo, you get 2 types of code.

  1.  "JavaScript Code" to embed this form in your website.

You need to copy the given code and paste it into the HTML file of your website.

  1. "Our Hosted Link": In this, you send a link directly to your subscribers via email.
    Once he clicks on that, he will be able to see the form on your website.

    We have provided a Training Video and PDF in member’s area of MailZingo to explain you more about Forms. 

How to import and export contacts?

To import contacts, first, you need to create an excel file in CSV or XLS format containing contact details on your PC. Then you will be able to import it in MailZingo.

Go to “SUBSCRIBERS”  then to  “ADD SUBSCRIBER” in the drop down, select “UPLOAD FROM PC” option and choose the excel file from your PC on the next page to import.

If you want to export contact list to your PC, click on “MANAGEMENT” in the dropdown of “SUBSCRIBERS” from the left menu bar, and select contact which you want to export and click “EXPORT” button, a wizard will pop up to select the location to save this CSV file.

How to check whether emails I am sending are being delivered?

You can check it in “Statistics” section of MailZingo.
Once you click on “Statistics” in the left menu, you get a drop-down menu where you can select newsletter or autoresponder.
After selecting one of them, on the next page, you get the list of messages and 2 action buttons in front of each of them. One is for reports and another one is to delete messages. Click on “reports” and you will see the overview of stats of that message with the total number of emails sent and the total number of emails delivered to your subscribers.

To learn more about “Statistics” of your emails,
We have provided a Training video on the “Statistics” of messages in MailZingo.

How to Reuse Previous Newsletter/ Autoresponder?

First, go to “AUTORESPONDER”/ "NEWSLETTER" in the dropdown of “MESSAGES”, You get 3 option buttons in front of each Autoresponder/Newsletter:  Reports, Re-use and Delete.

Click on “Re-use” to change the attached campaign of an autoresponder and on the next page, change the message details if you want, else click “NEXT” directly. Select the template for the autoresponder and edit it as per your need and again click “NEXT” and here you can select the campaign with which you want to attach this autoresponder.

Now, just need to set the sending options and your autoresponder is all set to shoot.

What is the difference between From and Reply email?

"From email" is the address of email account, from which you are sending emails.
"Reply email" is the address provided by the sender to get a reply to that email.

What is the difference between Message name and From Name while creating a newsletter?

The name you give while creating a message is Message Name, and it helps you to identify the message in the list, later on. 


From Name is the sender's Email id, through which the mail will be sent, and which will be visible to the customer.

Why do I need Personalization in message settings?

MailZingo offers you an amazing feature that you can insert your subscriber’s Name, Email ID, Address, City etc. with the subject of your email to give a personal feel to your subscribers. 

What is Test Mail?

With the help of this feature, you can test your mail settings.
Once you fill the SMTP settings and edit your message then just click on “Test Mail” and fill an email address where you want to check.

And If you receive a test email.
That means SMTP settings and links of the message are fine.
And if you do not receive the mail then re-check SMTP settings.

How to attach a file in Plain Text Editor?

Plain Text Editor allows you to create messages and templates with the help of text only. But in addition to this, you can attach files to your message. You get an “ATTACHMENT” button just above the text area, click on that and choose the file from your computer to send your message. 

How to insert a link in Plain Text Editor?

Plain Text Editor allows you to create messages and templates with the help of text only. But you can insert URL of your website or blog to redirect your subscriber on them. There is a button in Plain Text Editor to insert URL, click on that, and paste URL in the given box, you can give a phrase to the URL if you do not want to show it directly with the help of "Display Text" option. 

Why my suppression list is showing No Record Found?

You need to create a suppression list with email addresses only. No any other field like name, contact number, address etc. should be there. We have provided a demo list there, you can download that and paste the email addresses in that you want to suppress and upload that. Suppression list must be in CSV or XLS format only.

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