how can you integrate Ali Express with NinjaShoppe?
Posted by BizOmart HelpDesk - Manish Parihar on 18 July 2018 05:27 PM

To create AliExpress affiliate account, go to and click on register.

Next, fill the form with the required details and then click “create your account” button.

You will be redirected to profile information page, where you will be asked to enter details such as URL, unique affiliate ID , type etc of the website. And then click “complete profile”.

A message telling you that your application is currently being processed will be displayed.

It might take a day , take a look from time to time for the status of the account by trying to sign in on the page

After getting processed, your account will look like this:

Now to get the Application Key and Network Secret to integrate with NinjaShoppe, Go to Ad center and then select API setting option