Explain about the Settings option in Tappit.
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First, go to the Settings icon on the top right corner of your Dashboard and click on it. Here you will get different options like Integration, SMO, Slider Setting, Legal Settings, Cookie Consent, Team Management, Business Setting and Session.

Click on Integration.

Here, you will get six options from which you need to Integrate your Tappit account. Autoresponders, CRMs, Webinar Application, Social, Advertisement and Content Provider.

First, Select Autoresponder, here you get few top autoresponder options like LeadPrimo, MailZingo, MailPrimo, MailChimp, iContact, GetResponse etc., through which you can integrate Tappit by filling API details and then click on Save API Credentials.

Then, go to CRM section. Here, you can get 4 popular CRM options, SalesForce, SalesForceIQ, InfusionSoft and HubSpot. In SalesForce, you need to enter Consumer Key and Consumer Secret. In SalesForce IQ, you need to enter API Key and API Secret. In Infusion Soft, you need to enter Client ID and Client Secret and in HubSpot you need to enter API key, then click on Save API Credentials.


Next is Webinar section. Here, you can integrate with GoToWebinar by entering the Consumer key and then clicking on Save API Credentials.

Moving towards to the next that is Social. Here, you can integrate your various Social accounts like Facebook, Twitter etc. with Tappit.

We have created a separate PDF for Social Integration. Please have a look.

Then, next is Advertisement.

You can give advertisement on your site with Tappit to earn money. Here, you can integrate with Google Adsense and add your Image Banner for advertisement.

To integrate with Google AdSense, you need to paste your AdSense code here and then click on Save. So, if your site is eligible, Google will give ads on your site.

Second is Image Banner. Here, you can add an image for your banner with its CTA Link.

Here, you can add two banners for your Home page. Home Banner 1 with its CTA link and Home Banner 2 with its CTA Link. Then you can add Single Article Banner for your article page and single Video Banner for your Video page with its CTA Link and then click on Apply.

Last is Content Provider.

Here, you can integrate with top content providers like NewsAPI, Webhose, NewYorkTime, EzineArticles and Pixabay API.

To integrate with News API, you need to fill an API key. To get this API key, you need to visit  and then click on Get API key button and register for API key by filling all the required details like First name, Email Address, Choose Password, Select whether you are an individual or a business, checkmark the terms and condition box, then click on Submit and you will get your API key.

Just copy this API key, paste in the respective field, then click on Save API Credentials and you will get a message that your News API key added successfully.

Then second is Webhose. To get this API key, you need to sign up on and fill all the required details like First Name, last name, Business email, Company, Password, Password Again and then click Create Account button.

It asks you to verify your email, so just confirm your email from your email account and then once you reach to home page of Webhose click on Dashboard. A page will open, then scroll down the page and you will get your API key.

Just copy this API key and paste it in to the API section of Webhose and then click on Save API Credentials and you will get a message that your Webhose API key updated successfully.

Third is New York Time. To get the NewYorkTime API key, you need to sign up on and fill all the required details like Name, Email, Website. Select API and then click on Create API key.

You will get a Congrats message and you will receive an API key on your email. So just check your email, copy the API key and paste it in the NewYork Time API section of Tappit and then click on Save API Credentials and you will get a message that NewYork Time API key added successfully.

Fourth is EzineArticles. To get the EzineArticles API key, you need to sign up on and fill all the required details like Your Name, Your Email address, your Website URL, Details, then enter the phrase to the box below API key. Checkmark the terms and agreement checkbox and then click on Get the EzineArticles API key button.

Once you click, a confirmation mail is sent to your email to activate your EzineArticles API Key and you will get your API key.

Just copy this API key and paste into the respective field of Tappit. Finally, click on Save API Credentials and you will get a message that EzineArticles API key added successfully.

Last is Pixabay. To get the Pixabay API key, you need to sign up on and fill all the required details like First Name, Last Name, city etc. Then, go to the bottom of site and click on API. You will see a Green button name Get Started View API Documentation. Just click on this button, scroll down the page and you can see your API Key under Parameters section.

Just copy this API key and paste into the respective field of Tappit. Finally, click on Save API Credentials and you will get a message that PixaBay API key added successfully.

So, this is the complete process to integration settings.


Now, coming to SMO.

With the help of SMO settings, you can connect with your social audience easily.

Just insert your Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube channel URLs so that your customer’s will follow you on these different social media.

Once done Click on Save.

Now coming to the next setting that is Slider Settings.

Here you can create attractive sliders to capture audience attention. As you can see, you can enable up to 5 sliders.

You have the option to enable and disable sliders. Check ON The number of sliders you want for your affiliate site with the Enable Slide option.

For the Slider image, you need to upload an image via inserting the URL or by uploading an image.

Set the alignment for text by select the Text Alignment from the dropdown.

Moving ahead with the slider settings, now enter the Headline that is title or a message associated with the product promoted in the slider.

You can also change the Fonts size, color etc. for the Headline as per your need.

The Sub-Headline will be a complimentary text for your main Headline. You can also set the same for the Sub-headline also.

It also allows you to add CTA button to your slider.

First you need to insert the text for the CTA button. You can select the font size and color of CTA button Text and assign link to it.

Once done click on the Save options or click on Reset slider settings to reset the setting.


Next is Legal Settings.

Legal page option is given to protect yourself and your clients from spam or other fraudulent activities.

The wisest thing to do is to create a section dedicated to your Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and Contact Us information on the page. We are providing pre-written legal pages which you can edit as per your requirement.

Once done click on Save and your information will be saved.

Then next setting is Cookies Consent.

From here you can enable or disable the cookies consent. It’s always recommended that you must enable cookies consent.

Then select the position where you want to display the cookie message and select its background & font color.

Write the message which you want to display to your visitors. Enter Accept Text and CTA Link and click on Save.

Now, moving to the next that is Team Management.

Here you can manage, assign roles and give privileges to team members.

Add New user to manage your account through Add Team Member button. Just provide the Name and email of your users and assign role to the user by selecting the User Level.

Give access of business to that user by selecting a respective business. There are 3 users level available in the list as mentioned below.

At Manager level, provide access of top level privileges like Manage Business, Manage Team etc. For Marketer, provide the access of midlevel privileges like add article, add videos, delete article or video, add campaign, delete campaign etc and for Analyst users level provide the access of limited privileges like access of Reports, View basics etc.

There is an additional option in this menu, Custom this feature will allow you to grant privileges of choosing a new user.

If you want to give more access to a member, just click on Add More access button.

Once you set up your new user, simply click on Add.

Now here you can check the list of all your created Team Member along with their Name, Email, Role and Website.

You will be able to edit and delete them any time through Action Tab.

You can also search the member using search bar and show the number of entries per page as per your needs.

Then, second is Subscriber Management.

Here you can manage and get the list of your subscribers visiting your affiliate website.

You can check the list of all your Subscribers along with their Name, Email, Contact No. etc.

Save your subscriber list in your PC by simply clicking on Export CSV button.

Here you can manage your subscribers by clicking Integration Settings button located on the top right corner.

Save your leads or details of your subscribers in Autoresponder by selecting Autoresponder from dropdown, and the respective list in which you want to save them and Save.

Want to save your subscriber information in CRM then select your CRM from the dropdown and the respective List.

Similarly, for Webinar, select Webinar from the dropdown and its respective list.

And then click on Save Details button.

So, this is all about the User management and Team Management.

Moving towards the next setting that is Business Settings.

Here you can enter your business information like Business name, Subdomain, Color Scheme and upload business logo and Favicon.

Once done, just click on Save.

Lastly go to Session.

In this section, you can check all your recent activities here. You can also sort these activities by selecting the specific option like Name, Email, by Activity etc.


You can also save the session list in your PC by click on Export button.

Search the sessions in search bar and see the details as per page here.

So this was all about the settings in Tappit.


I believe this was helpful to you.


Thank You for having a look at this Step-by-Step Training but if you still find any difficulty in using Tappit then Feel Free to Contact our Help-Desk at    



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