How can you manage your leads in LeadPrimo.
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For that, click on Manage leads:

It has five options: List, Add leads, All Leads, Suppression list, custom field.

First, I will explain you about List and how to create a list.

Click on List.

It will redirect you to this page:

Here you can get complete information about all your lists.

To create a list, click on the “Create List”.

A popup box will be shown, here you need to give the list name.

And click on create.

And you will get a success message.

All the lists you have created, will be shown there.

To perform the particular actions like: Add, Edit, Stats, Export, Delete, click on the action option (three dots) on the list.

Click on Add, to add the subscribers into the particular list.

It will redirect you to this page:

You can add subscriber in three ways- Upload file from PC, One at a time and Copy & Paste.

  1. Upload file from PC: click on it. It will redirect you to this page:

Here you need to choose a file to import subscriber’s data in your list.

Note: Make sure you select file in these formats: CSV | XLS | XLSX

Click on Choose file button and select the file from your computer.

If you want to add tags into the list, you can add here:

Check mark P on “I have permission to add this contact to list”.

And click on “Next”.

Here you can select the contact fields which you want to import from contact file. You can add new fields from “Add New field” button.

When done, click on Add Field and field will be added.

And then, click on the Next button.

Here you can select one or more list in which you want to add this contact. Click on the Import button after selecting your list.

You will get the message about successful import.

Let’s move to the second way to add subscribers to list by selecting the Add one at a time option which provides the ability to add the subscribers one by one.

     2.One at a Time: -
click on it.

Here you need to enter the email address of your subscriber.

You can also add other fields like First name, last name, phone number if available by click on add button.

You can add tags for this subscriber if you want.

Once you done with all your entry put a check mark P on the “I Have Permission To Add This Contact To List” box and click on Next.

Here you can select one or more list in which you want to add this contact.

Click on the Add button after selecting the list. You will get message about successful entry as well.

And the third and the final way to add subscribers in your list:

     3.Copy & Paste: -
click on it.

Here you can add multiple email address.

You can also enter the Tags for this file if you want.

After this put a check mark Pon the I Have Permission To Add This Contact To List box and click on Next.

Here you can select one or more list in which you want to add this contact. Click on the Add button after list selection. You get the message about the successful entry.

Now go back to the list section:

If you want to change the name of the lists, you can click on the edit button.

A popup box will be opened, and you can edit the list name and click on Update.

If you want to see the stats of the lists. Click on the stats button.

Next option is Export:

You can download the list with the help of export button.

If you want to delete the list, you can click on delete button.

Using these options:

If you have several lists created, select the list.

You can copy a list into another list, move a list and delete the list.

You can select several lists and delete them. You can search the lists by name.


Now, next option is Add Leads:

We will skip explaining this option as we have already explained this.

Now Next option is “All leads”:

Here you can search and manage your subscribers.

On this page, you can see all your subscribers in a list. There are several ways to sort them.

The first way is by List. You can view all leads by all list or from a particular list.


The second way is to sort them is that you have to choose the condition as per the actions. Let’s say if you select All leads you can see the list of all leads of the selected list.

Second, if you want to see the list of the leads as per the message which you have sent to them then select Message Status.

Here you also need to select Message type as Newsletter or Autoresponder then select Choose Message and last select Condition and then Click on “GO” and you will get complete list of subscribers.

Then select All Tags, a new combo box will appear to select List, just select your required list and click on “GO” to get the subscribers list with Tag.

Now, if you select Custom Fields, then 3 more fields appear here. Here you have to select custom Field as DOB, phone number, first name etc. then Choose condition as is Equal to, is not Equal to, does not contain etc. and

then enter the value of condition in last box and Click on “GO” to get the subscribers.

Then same as you can also select Unsubscribed, Clicked, Opened, Bounced and then click on GO to get their Subscriber list.

The Last and third sorting method is by Time in which you can sort the subscribers of Today, Month and All, you can also Select Custom if you want to check the subscribers of particular dates.

Finally, you can also find the email by putting the email in the search bar.

You can also edit the details of any leads. If you want to see the preview, you can watch it from here. If you want to delete one or more leads, then it is possible to delete it.

You can select here leads and you can copy & move them between list. If you want to Export them, you can do that as well.


Next, Suppression List and Custom Field:

Here you can add leads that you want to exclude from your mailing list.

Inside the option, you will see two options. Import from PC and manually.

These two options are used to create suppression list.

Click import from PC.

Then select the txt file which contains all the Email addresses. Provide a name for the suppression list and then click Import. Your list will be successfully uploaded.

For manual method. Click on Manually

then enter the name for your list and then all the emails that you wish to put into the suppression list.

Click save when done.

On the suppression list page, you can search for a specific list by using search field.

You can also choose how many lists to be displayed per page by using the details per page menu.

You can edit or delete a list by using the two buttons under action tab. You can select multiple Suppression list by clicking on the checkbox before the suppression list name.  you can delete multiple Suppression list after selecting them by clicking on mass action button and then clicking delete.

Next under Manage leads option. Go to custom Field.

Here you can add additional field regarding the information that you wish to gather of your leads.

To add a new custom field, click on add new field.

Enter your field name and then select the type whether the input is text, date or number.

Click add field when done.

You can choose the number of custom field to be displayed by using the Detail per page option.

You can edit or delete a custom field by using the edit and delete buttons under action tab. You can use the navigation area at the bottom of the page to navigate to different pages.


So, this was all about Manage leads menu of the LeadPrimo account.

I believe this was helpful.


Thank You for having a look at this Step-by-Step Training but if you still find any difficulty in using LeadPrimo then Feel Free to Contact our Help-Desk at

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